Neko Atsume Casual Cat Game Gets CDs, Too

posted on by Eric Stimson
Includes Vocaloid music, background theme, stickers

Fans of the game app Neko Atsume, which allows you to accumulate lots of cats without coming off as a crazy person, are being rewarded with not one, not two, but three different CDs, each in honor of different cat varieties. The CDs, which are called Neko Atsume Love, will mostly feature Vocaloid tunes. The White Cat version will include "Shironeko-san" ("White Cat") from Ryu*, the Black Cat version has "Yōkoso, Kuroneko-san" ("Welcome, Black Cat") from daniwellP, and the Brown Cat version includes "I Am Cha Tora" ("I Am a Brown Tiger") by Wonderful☆Opportunity! All three versions will include Nem's "Boku no Takaramono" ("My Precious"). Each of these pieces will be available in vocal and instrumental versions. In addition, the CDs will include Neko Atsume's relaxing background theme.

The CDs will also come with stickers and clear files as a bonus. They vary depending on the version and will only be available in limited quantities. The CDs will go on sale on August 19 and may be preordered on

Neko Atsume is popular enough to get its own webcomic, which serves up cute cats with a side order of pithy Cartesian philosophy.

Source: Music Natalie

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