Gravure Idol Ai Shinozaki Will Cure Male Baldness If You 'Give Her a Chance'

posted on by Eric Stimson
Also counsels balding visitor to skin clinic in web videos

Ai Shinozaki, a gravure idol and singer, shows off her voice in a new commercial for AGA Skin Clinic, a chain of Japanese clinics that treat male-pattern hair loss (AGA, or androgenic alopecia). She sings part of Something Else's 1998 song "Last Chance."

She also stars in a series of web videos, "What If Ai Shinozaki was a Counselor at AGA Skin Clinic?", which simulate the experience of going to a skin clinic and receiving counseling on hair loss, with the bonus that in this case the counselor happens to be Ai Shinozaki.

In this video, the visitor fills out a form on his family history and is reassured by Shinozaki that hair loss isn't just caused by genetics, but by dihydrotestosterone.

In the sequel, Shinozaki explains how dihydrotestosterone interferes with hair follicles and leads to hair loss, although the visitor seems to be distracted.

Finally, Shinozaki examines the visitor's scalp and comments on how thin the hair is getting, although the camera hardly focuses on this.

Shinozaki is experiencing a surge in popularity; she released a single this April, "A-G-A-I-N," and appeared in the live-action film version of Tokyo Yamimushi -2nd Scenario- Pandora. She has also flustered Gō Nagai by dressing as a sexy Great Mazinger and will appear in the live-action film version of All Esper Dayo!.

[Via Kai-You]

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