Ikebukuro Honors Durarara!! with Vending Machines

posted on by Eric Stimson

Ikebukuro, a district in Tokyo that serves as the setting for the anime series Durarara!!, is honoring that series by installing Durarara!!-themed vending machines. They sell lemon-flavored "Durarara!! x2 Flavor[ed] Water" for 160 yen ($1.30) apiece, and both the machines and the drinks they vend are decorated with various Durarara!! characters. The marketing concept for the vending machines is "Walk around town, and you'll meet these guys," likening running into a vending machine with happening upon a familiar face from the show. And in a pinch, the machines will also make fearsome weapons if you have the strength to throw them.

Currently, the machines have only been placed at Sun Joule at East Ikebukuro 5-13-7 (which features Shizuo) and the Lashinbang bookstore at East Ikebukuro 3-2-3 (which features Kyōhei, Saburō, Erika, and Walker), but more are on their way. Durarara!! ×2 The Second Arc begins airing on July 4.

[Via Dengeki Hobby Web]

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