Cerevo Inc's Psycho-Pass Dominator Replica Expands, Talks

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

Image from Cerevo Inc. Official Twitter

Psycho-Pass cosplayers may have a better option than making their own Dominator.

Innovative technology company Cerevo Inc. is currently promoting its latest product, a moving Dominator from the popular sci-fi anime Psycho-Pass. Dubbted the Dominator Maxi, it obviously won't let you shoot live charges, but it does come complete with lights and sounds, specifically voice prompts heard in the show. While similar to the Bandai Proplica version released back in January, the Dominator Maxi will even open up into its Eliminator mode and light up as soon as it is gripped via touch sensor. This type of functionality also beats out its Kuji raffle predecessor, containing only sounds and the Eliminator function. The Cerevo version, however, goes above and beyond its previous versions with a camera viewer and wireless LAN capabilities, allowing users to view Crime Coefficients with their smartphone, as well as a special app to view a Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division user interface.

The Cerevo Twitter has been abuzz with demonstration images tagged with "dominatormaxi". Here, a Cerevo representative shows off the Eliminator mode in stylish cosplay pictures.

Recently, the Dominator Maxi was shown off at a special exhibition at Ebisu Garden Hall by an Akane Tsunemori cosplayer.

The Dominator Maxi is expected to be released this year with no confirmed price as of yet.

[Via Nijimen]

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