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Twitter Post Stating Prince Mackaroo to End Rings False, Staff Replies

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

A long-running anime series was rumored on Twitter to be ending soon and staff was not happy..

Prince Mackaroo, aka Ojarumaru in Japan, is currently in its 18th season. While its format is usually to air a season in two halves throughout the year, this year the first half began broadcasting instead of the second. This was simply done to alter its broadcasting schedule from five times a week on Monday-Friday to three times a week on Wednesday-Friday.

The rumor that was spread on Twitter was simply a bot trying to get a rise out of fans. Unfortunately, it worked. Many longtime fans expressed online outrage at the rumored cancellation, shocked at the prospect of their childhood show being cancelled with no prior notice or even "the fans' consent".

Anime director Akitarō Daichi and regular voice actors Kazuya Ichijou recently tweeted regarding the rumor.

"The cancellation rumor became bigger than I thought," Daichi mentioned. "I don't really know what to say about all this. I'm not so much angry, but it's like I've said. Twitter can get carried away!"

He goes on to say that "I'm guess I'm happy you're all worried for Prince Mackaroo. This hoax is nothing to be afraid of, though. There's no big deal. It's just that you can't really watch every day anymore, and that's okay!"

Ichijou was a little more abrasive about the hoax, stating "What idiot has been saying Prince Mackaroo is over? We're just changing the broadcast to Wednesday through Friday!" He went on to promote the August 14 special, which he claims will "definitely make you cry."

His second tweet reconfirmed that the fall schedule will proceed as planned.

Prince Mackaroo first premiered in 1998 based on the manga by Rin Inumaru. It has since spawned several films.

[Via Yahoo! News Japan]

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