Shokotan Grooves to the Pikachu Dance

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The cutest Pokemon parade is heading back to Yokohama in a few short weeks. The latest invasion is dance themed and aptly titled "Odoru? Pikachū Tairyō Hassei-chū!" (Dance? Pikachu All Over the Place). The unabashedly geeky Shoko Nakagawa—known by her stage name, Shokotan—appeared with her cohosts of the Pokémon Get☆TV television program to show off her Pikachu dance moves.

Shokotan has hosted the variety-style Pokemon-themed program since its original incarnation as Pokemon Sunday. She wrote an autobiography about her experiences as a host, fan, and voice actress in Nakagawa Shōko Pokemon ga Ikiruimi o Oshiete Kureta, or Shōko Nakagawa: Pokémon Taught Me The Meaning of Life.

Other celebrities are also showing their support for the upcoming event. Model Nicole Fujita (romanized as Nikolu) also appeared with three Pikachu.

Want to give it a try? The official Pokemon YouTube channel is hosting a how-to video, too. The main routine is pretty simple, but watch out for the more complicated free-style part where the instructor pulls out is moonwalking skills.

Pikachu will invade venues around Yokohama's Minato Mirai district from August 8-16. There will be at least 1,000 Pikachu marching and dancing. Organizers state the flood of Pokémon will make the area like a Pikachu theme park.

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