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Meet Japan's Latest Android, Erica

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Japan has made leaps and strides in the world of robotics and androids, even opening a hotel staffed primarily by machines. The humanoid variety like Toshiba's Aiko and Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro's Otonaroid, have shown promise as greeters and basic conversationalists.

Japan Science and Technology Agency, Osaka University, the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, and Kyoto University are working together to create a perfect robotic companion that goes beyond a looping voice track and can emulate a completely natural conversation. The scientists and engineers created Erica, who exhibits subtle body language and exceptional conversational abilities. They also hope her looks appear more natural and can overcome the uncanny valley.

Erica is made to appear as half-Japanese, half-European and 23-years-old. She emulates natural gestures while speaking.

In the video, a reporter asks Erica what her hobbies are. She responds with, "I like watching movies, sports, and anime. Do you share any of my hobbies?" The reporter agrees that he also likes sports. Erica says, "Oh but you're so busy with your work, you must not have much free time to do it."

[Via Rocket News 24]

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