Danboard Battery Charger Heading Stateside

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Pre-orders also open for "Nyanbo!" set

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Japanese gadget maker Cheero is bringing the top-selling Danboard 10400 mA charger to the U.S.

The charger uses a lithium-ion battery compatible with any USB device, including Android and iOS devices. The charger itself is pocket-sized and allows for easy carrying. The device is good for five full charges and can itself be charged up to 500 times using a wall socket or PC.

Danbo is the cardboard robot from the comedy manga Yotsuba&!. Planex Communications created a router modeled after the robot's head.

He's also inspiring a new set of "Nyanboard" figures. As you might be able to tell based on the name, Nyanboards combine Danbo with cats. Pre-orders opened today for the 10-piece figure set. Each measures 60mm (about 2.5in) and they come in "normal" (i.e. cardboard brown), pointed, brown calico, gray bi-color, white, black, orange calico, tabby, and black bi-color.

The set retails for 6,297 yen (about US$50).

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