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Young Women Abandon 'Duck Mouth' for 'Hamu Hamu Pose'

posted on by Eric Stimson
New expression said to convey loneliness cutely

The "duck mouth," a pout named for its resemblance to duck bills, is soooo last decade. The new trend among young women in Japan (apparently) is called the "hamu hamu pose," which involves biting the lower lip while looking distraught. It's named for the sound that (supposedly) precedes it, although to Japanese "hamu" sounds more like "ham" or "hamster."

The pose caught on among college-age women because it conveys loneliness and sadness in a cute way... all the better to attract guys with. So far, it seems to be working. "Struggling against loneliness is cute," one man said. Women have also taken to practicing it with selfies, or with their friends. Its subtlety makes it easy to use and more natural than previous expressions, like the "duck mouth" or the currently popular "toothache" expression (holding the cheek).

[Via Peachy; Images from Naver Matome]

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