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Detective Conan Film's Korean Release Changes Bills, Newspapers

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

The Korean release of a Japanese animated film has had Chinese net users in a bit of a tizzy.

Detective Conan (known as Case Closed in the US) released its recent film, Sunflowers of Inferno in South Korea. Upon its release, users on the Chinese Twitter equivalent "Sina Weibo" noted that many minor elements of the film were changed to befit a Korean setting as opposed to its Japanese setting.

Sina Weibo post

For example, any currency that was visible in the film was changed from Japanese yen to the Korean won. Newspapers were also changed to include Korean text.

Furthermore, locations were also changed to Korean areas. Reportedly, Japanese maps, museums and even airports were changed into Korean.

"Sina Weibo" users have chimed in on the noticeable edits.

"For even the maps to be changed from Japanese to Korean..." one comment reads. "That's pretty unforgivable."

"South Korea has always been like this," another comment spoke. "It's not just in Conan. Any anime that appears on Korean television is changed to be more Korean. Even Crayon Shin-chan's setting was changed to Seoul."

"You don't see the Chinese release changing the currency, do you?" one user asked.

These users are of the general opinion that these changes were not the best move to make.

"If you change these elements," one user commented. "Then you change the fundamental story. Watching this Korean version of Conan left me speechless."

[Via Focus Asia]

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