WBA World Champion Freaks Out at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Night

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Zombies, ghouls and mutants take over park on weekend nights

In September and October, Universal Studios Japan customizes the park for Halloween. Its Halloween Horror Nights are not for the faint-hearted: hordes of zombies, bloodied murderers, deformed monsters, and various creepy ghouls throng the walkways and do their utmost to scare the wits out of any visitors they come across. It's like a giant, open-air haunted house (although there is a safe zone for overly rattled visitors).

To advertise the attraction, Universal Studios had Kazuto Ioka, the current World Boxing Association Flyweight champion, tour it. After a few words on how fright is comparatively easy to overcome because you're fighting yourself, he gets put to the test. Ichirō Nakayama, an occult researcher, also learns more about the true definition of "scariness," and Shiori Matsuda, a former member of the J-pop supergroup NMB48, has a terrifying yet oddly fun experience.

Universal Studios also has haunted houses (called "walkthrough mazes") focusing on specific horror franchises. This year's new mazes recreate the atmosphere of Alien vs. Predator, The Nightmare on Elm Street, and a twisted psychologist's attempt to inflict the most trauma possible. A haunted school based on Ghost Stories is available for younger visitors. Attractions are based on Chucky, Ju-On, Resident Evil and Ring.

From the Alien vs. Predator laboratory

Universal Studios Japan is located in Osaka. Halloween Horror Nights will take place on weekend nights from 6 PM until the park closes (9 PM, 10 PM after September 18) until November 8.

[Via Universal Studios Japan official site and Man Tan Web]

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