Akihabara Fair Combines Sake with Moe Girls (and Boys)

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Various Japanese regions promote local tipples

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On September 27, Belle Salle Akihabara in Tokyo will host the Moeshu Summit × Sake Matsuri 2015, which celebrates moeshu — sake with moe character branding. The fair will exhibit sake from regions all over Japan and let visitors taste it for free. Visitors will also be able to buy the sake in addition to assorted moe character merchandise.

Shizuoka's Hello!! Suzuki Saketen

Introducing their newest character: Black Warrior Princess Shizuka-sama

Ultimate Nipako, drawn by Kantai Collection artist Ugume

Saitama Prefecture's Wine Shop Sawaya's offerings cater to zombies.

Kagoshima's Den'en Shuzō presents this shōchū (a barley-based liquor) based on the recent period drama Rokugatsudō no Sanshimai (which was set in Kagoshima).

Aomori Prefecture's Ichihime apple cider

Nagano Prefecture's Inoue Saketen collaborates with the local Izumi company to sell an umeshu (plum wine) with a mascot (Izumi Matsumoto) that's also selling Izumi razors.

Hokkaido's Hokuto city is promoting its Nonbei sake with its unique mascot, Zūshī Hokkī, who claims to be "0% moe."

Female characters are not the only ones represented. Tomu will have Tōken Ranbu-branded umeshu.

Nagano Prefecture's Araiya presents Yukimura

Entry to the fair is free, but visitors must buy a cup at the reception and be over 20 years old.

[Via Kai-You and Moeshu Summit]

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