[Photo Gallery] Tour Osaka's Attack on Titan Bathrooms, Exhibit

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The "Attack on Titan Wall Osaka" exhibit and joint take-over of Osaka Loop Line train stations bathrooms started earlier this month. Fans were amused to find tearful Survey Corps standing in restrooms at five railway stations with different images in the men's and women's facilities.

While the women's bathrooms have stalls, the men's bathrooms have urinals meaning unavoidably awkward images of Levi, Armin, and other Survey Corps members watching visitors pee.

Ashiharabashi Station women's & men's bathroom

Outside Noda Station facilities

Outside Noda Station men's bathroom

Outside Noda Station men's bathroom

Inside Noda Station women's bathroom

Inside Noda Station men's bathroom

Inside Fukushima Station women's & men's bathroom

Inside Tenma Station women's & men's bathroom

The Wall Osaka exhibit is being held at the Grand Front Osaka building until Wednesday. The walkway into the building displayed ads.

Inside, a red-lit room displayed original panels from Hajime Isayama's manga.

Walking on through the exhibit leads to more original panels.

A 1/1-scale maneuver gear was also on display before leading to an equally life-size Colossal Titan head.

A cafe next to the exhibit serves Attack on Titan-themed food and drinks. An original display in the cafe shows characters holding, or eating, Osaka-themed things. Mikasa holds a tiger (after the area's Hanshin Tigers baseball team), Levi encounters a crab (a popular food staple), Jean is carrying octopus (takoyaki), Eren has a fist and mouthful of kushikatsu (fried food served on skewers), Sasha is holding and eating okinomiyaki, while Armin has his hands full of dried goods.

One of the dishes served at the cafe. Can you figure out what it represents?

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