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Muscled Bishonen App Lets You Bulk Up Boys with Love

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

A recent Japanese app allows your boyfriend's muscles to grow along with your love for each other.

Recently released to the Japanese mobile market on September 18, a mobile game known as "Muscle Paradise" has become rather popular. Players take the role of a new sports manufacturer employee who meets three male athletes—a baseball player, a basketball player and a soccer player—as part of their work.

From there, players can choose one and foster a relationship with them. As their relationship gets stronger, so do the boys, as they become more and more muscular as the game goes on.

The app also includes a couple of minigames. One such is the Muscle Quiz, where a mysterious man named Muscle Teacher Kira appears before players and quizzes them on...muscles, presumably.

Another minigame is called Muscle Movement. Simple in its premise, players can tap the oversized muscles of the three athletes and make them jiggle.

A third minigame comes in the form of Muscle Tapping. As the name suggest, players can tap a regular-sized athlete as many times as they wish.

103 taps
502 taps
1000 taps

As the player taps more, the athlete's muscles will grow larger and larger until they become too big for their uniforms and proceed to tear them open with sheer muscle power.

The app is available for download on iOS and Android.

[Via Nijimen]

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