Expelled from Paradise's Angela Balzac, Powersuit Get Figures

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The heroine of Toei Animation and Seiji Mizushima's award-winning Expelled from Paradise film is getting two figures, along with her powersuit GSA NEW ARHAN, and the hacker Frontier Setter.

Angela herself is getting two figures; a posable figma and a 1/7-scale figure by Phat!

The 1/7-scale figure comes with the Angela and the Frontier Setter's data forms. Angela poses with a cute expression while propping herself up on her own data form.

The figure costs 12,000 yen (US$100) and is expected to ship in May.

If you'd rather opt for different poses, the Angela figma may be better suited to your tastes. The figure comes with three different expressions: confident, smiling, and tired. Her props include the gun Angela uses in the film and her data form.

The figma costs 6,296 yen (US$53) and will also ship in May.

The above image shows the Angela figma with PLAMAX RT-01 Frontier Setter. Good Smile Company is releasing the character as a plastic model kit that, once assembled, is a 1/12th-scale figure. The kit includes stickers and utilizes snap-on pieces so glue isn't required. He's also posable and comes with an alternate head.

The model kit costs 3,982 yen (US$33) and will ship in May.

Good Smile Company is also faithfully reproducing Angela's powersuit, the GSA NEW ARHAN, into a fully-transforming figure. Similar to its film appearance, the New Arhan can go from an egg-shape into a bi-pedal weapon.

The New Arhan features 20 different articulation points. It comes with additional weapons, including two machine guns, a long barrel railgun, two missile launchers, a blade, and a shield.

The powersuit is part of the Good Smile Arms line which previously released Chamber from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet and I-401 from Arpeggio of Blue Steel. The site is teasing its next release with a silhouette.

Good Smile Company previously released Angela as Petanko, Nendoroid, and Medicchu figures.

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