Youtube Stars Bring Dragon Ball Z Fight to Life with Hands

posted on by Eric Stimson

American YouTube comedy stars Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi need to help someone bring in the groceries, and they'll do anything to get out of it. Paper-Scissors-Rock. A thumb war. An elaborate clapping game. When nothing seems to work, though, they resort to the most unusual, over-the-top hand-related competition of all: a simulated Dragon Ball Z fight between Goku and Freeza, complete with special effects and transformations.

This behind-the scenes video shows how the friends filmed their fight. It reveals that the battling hands weren't even theirs; guest "movement designers" Hok and Pac-Man were their "hand doubles."

Although her fights are more brutal, MMA fighter/actress Ronda Rousey is also inspired by Dragon Ball Z.

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