Macross Designer Kawamori Talks Robo-Transforming Car at Tokyo Motor Show

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The Toyko Motor Show, an annual event that shows off advancement and innovation in vehicles, saw famous Macross and Aquarion mech designer Shoji Kawamori unveiled a new design for what could become an ambitious project.

At the venue's Toyota booth, new subsidiary COMS CONNECT—striving to improve life through technological advancement—showcased a compact delivery vehicle. This sleekly designed one-seater, pod-like vehicle comes equipped with a special compartment for various parcels to remain safe during delivery. True to a futuristic design, the car can even be controlled via joystick, according to a source at Digi Mono Station.

That's not all to this neat looking car, however. With Kawamori's input, COMS CONNECT has expressed interest adding some ambitious functionality with two transformation modes.

Robo Walk mode

Robo Roid mode

While the vehicle itself isn't yet ready to transform and roll out, Kawamori and COMS CONNECT prepared some final design models to show off what these modes will look like. Robo Walk retains its basic car base, albeit with bipedal functionality. Robo Roid mode does the same, but sports a true mecha appearance that is indicative of Kawamori's style.

Kawamori discussed the inspiration behind the designs in some detail.

He stated: "There's a little bit of Transformers in that design. I have no idea where the engine or cockpit would go, but I tried to make it as feasible-looking as possible."

As of now, there are no clear cut plans towards making its transformation modes a reality.

Kawamori previously worked on designing a mecha modeled after Hatsune Miku and more recently, a ship for the British Thunderbirds sci-fi series remake.

He will also make an appearance at the Macross Delta project's 'Chō Jikū'" Seisaku Happyōkai" ("The Super Dimension" Production Unveiling) live-streaming event on October 29.

Robotic engineers at Project J-deite are actively working on a full-size transforming car to debut in the next two years.

[Via Kai-You]

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