Madogatari Exhibit Updates Crossover Goods

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The SHAFT animation studio's 40th anniversary "Madogatari" exhibit opens in November and previously teased its crossover goods, which include character outfit-swapped figures. The official website updated to reveal not only the figures, but t-shirts, clear files, phone cases, cups, and even cheesecake.


Hitagi Senjōgahara and Homura Akemi (3,800 yen/US$31)

Shinobu Oshino and Madoka Kaname (3,800 yen/US$31)

Tsubasa Hanekawa and Mami Tomoe (3,800 yen/US$31)

T-Shirts by Hajime Ueda & Gekidan Inu Curry

Hitagi Senjōgahara (3,000 yen/US$25)

Shinobu Oshino (3,000 yen/US$25)

Homura Akemi (3,000 yen/US$25)

Bebe & Kyubey (3,000 yen/US$25)


This image can be bought as a B2-size poster (1,000 yen/US$8), B3-size tapestry (1,500 yen/US$12), and clear file (400 yen/US$3).

Memo-pad (600 yen/US$5)

Ballpoint pens (1,200 yen/US$10)

iPhone case (2,500 yen/US$21)

Rubber strap set of eight (4,800 yen/US$40)

Kyōko teacup (2,000 yen/US$17)

Pin set of 19 (6,000 yen/US$50)

Masking tape (1,200 yen/US$10)


Roll cookies (1,500 yen/US$12)

Kintaroame candy (1,500 yen/US$12)

Camembert cheese cake (1,000 yen/US$8)


Pouches (1,800 yen/US$15)

Pass Cases (1,500 yen/US$12)

Starting on November 27, the "Madogatari" exhibit will open in Tokyo and run for about a week before moving to Osaka on December 22 and then Sapporo on February 2.

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