Gintama Guys Reimagined as Bird Plushies

posted on by Eric Stimson
Puts new meaning to term "chickbait"

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Gintoki, Hijikata and Okita of Gintama have appeared in so much merchandise, it may seem like the different ways to portray them have been exhausted. But then there's their gender-bent versions, complete with accompanying merchandise. Now the video game and character goods company Broccoli is launching a new take on these characters: plump birds.

They may seem like generic bird plushies to the uninitiated, but Gintama fans will recognize Gintoki by his tuft of hair (feather?), Hijikata by his inevitable mayonnaise bottle, and Okita by his mask.

The birds are the first in a line called the "ChunColle," and come with chains to allow customers to attach their keys — or for other uses.

The plushies are about 80 mm tall (about 3 inches) and cost 1,296 yen ($10.60). They will be available in anime shops around Japan on January 30 and can be preordered here for 1,166 yen ($9.54).

[Via Nijimen and Girls-Style; Images from Hobby Search]

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