CG Versions of Perfume Dance in New Mercedes-Benz Commercial

posted on by Eric Stimson
Designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

The popular J-pop group Perfume star in a new commercial for Mercedes-Benz's New A-Class sports compact — but as CG animated versions of themselves. The anime incarnations were designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Wolf Children) and dance to a song penned by Yasutaka Nakata, Perfume's producer.

The real Perfume appeared at a presentation in Tokyo's Differ Ariake Arena on November 26 and staged a performance while in Sadamoto's costumes.

The campaign has also introduced an interesting iPhone camera app called Next Stage with YOU featuring Perfume. Take a picture, and the app will turn it into a stage using innovative image analytic technology developed by Rhizomatiks. CG Perfume will, of course, dance on the stage. There are up to 640,000 different videos that can be created with this app, but a special dance will be unlocked if users take a photo of a Mercedes-Benz New A-Class.

Customers can also accessorize their Mercedes with Perfume-inspired designs. The website allows users to customize the New A-Class by tweaking its body color, tires, roof, and interior features. Among the body color options are two chosen by Perfume; there are only 30 sets available for each design and they cost 200,000 yen ($1,631).

[Via Comic Natalie and Mercedes-Benz; Images from Next Stage with YOU official site and Gizmodo]

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