Universal's Evangelion Attraction Ad Unveils Original Design for Eva-04

posted on 2016-01-05 19:15 EST by Jabulani Blyden
Mechanical designer Ikuto Yamashita provided new weapon

Universal Studios Japan began streaming a new promotional video for its upcoming Evangelion attraction, "Evangelion The Real 4D: 2.0" on Sunday. The video unveils a new attachment called the "Rapid Borer" for Evangelion Unit-04. Evangelion mechanical designer Ikuto Yamashita designed the new attachment.

The attraction puts users into the entry plug of Unit-04, as piloted by Mari, to experience a battle.

The attraction will run from January 15 to June 26 in the Universal Studio Cinema 4D theater, which has seats that move back and forth and from side to side. It also has wind, water (mist), scents, smoke, and other effects for an "immersive 4D" experience. Universal Studios Japan will be selling an Eva popcorn bucket case, and other exclusive goods.

The original "Evangelion The Real 4D" attraction —the first “4D” project for the Evangelion anime franchise— (along with Attack on Titan and Monster Hunter) was a part of the Universal Cool Japan event which ran between January 23 and May 10 of last year.

[Via New Eva]

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