Details Are Here for Sekai no Owari's Upcoming Vocaloid

posted on by Eric Stimson

SEKAI NO OWARI, the indie pop band who sings "Dragon Night," "ANTI-HERO" (Attack on Titan) and "Mermaid Rhapsody" (Kuragehime), will have its own Vocaloid later this month. VOCALOID4 Library Fukase, as the name indicates, is based on the distinctive, soft voice of SEKAI NO OWARI's lead singer, Fukase. It has its own image character, whose design was chosen in a Pixiv contest.

The Vocaloid's official website includes four sample songs from the software's library, each with a different producer: "The Day I Became a Monster" by rerulili, "Sekai no Hajimari" ("The Beginning of the World") by CaptainMirai, "Alice" by ATOLS, and "Set Me Free" by HanaSoumenP.

The program comes with two different voice libraries in Japanese (Normal and Soft) and one in English. It also comes with a plug-in called Electronica-Tune that lets you make Fukase sound even more robotic and a pamphlet that explains how Vocaloid works to first-time users through the SEKAI NO OWARI song "Starlight Parade." There will also be a bundle with VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase, which lets users edit Vocaloid with Cubase, another music-editing software.

VOCALOID4 Library Fukase will be available in both package and download versions in late January (the download version has a specific release date of January 28). They will cost 14,000 yen (or $118.50).

[Via Kai-You and VOCALOID4 Library Fukase official site]

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