Ajin Manga Creator Plans to Return to Ero-Manga Roots

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Gamon Sakurai's Ajin horror manga has earned plenty of accolades since its debut in 2012 and has since been the subject of a television anime and film trilogy by POLYGON PICTURES. Despite his new found fame, Sakurai revealed back in October that he wants to return to his previous career after Ajin wraps up. He'll still draw manga, but Sakurai got his feet wet in the world of eromanga under the penname "G-10."

Translation: It's very regretable that I'm called an "ex-"ero manga artist.

At first, I planned to draw something else at the same time once I got settled into Ajin's serialization, but the magazine went from bi-monthly to monthly serialization, I started to work on the story and setting, and I'm still drawing on top of that.

I feel my abilities are lacking.

A deep apology for my ero-manga editor and people who liked my work as G-10.

I've been saying this on my blog: After Ajin is over I will definitely go back to drawing ero-manga."

Under his other pseudonym, Sakurai published lolicon hentai manga like Jihatsu Arui wa Kyōsei Shūchi.

[Via Yara-on! Note: Source includes NSFW images]

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