Toyota's 'Prius! Impossible Girls' Campaign Turns Car Parts Into Girls

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Toyoto has never shied away from a good geek tie-in. The company's Auris model was adapted as a ride especially designed from Gundam's Char Aznable. The Toyoto Aqua has run along side Final Fantasy's Chocobos and the Prius c explored dungeons and castles from Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest to name a few.

The company's Prius model is taking note from DMM for its new compaign, "Prius! Impossible Girls". The campaign takes the many car parts that make up a Prius and reimagines them as—you guessed it—beautiful girls. Toyoto also hired popular voice actresses to bring the characters to life.

The first part is the 2ZR-FXE engine designed by Oguchi and voiced by Kana Hanazawa. The design was brought into the 3D world for the campaign's first video.

Close to 40 parts are designed so far by 24 different artists. Some of the designs include:

Hybrid Transaxle (Rina Hidaka) by Pinocchio P

Power Control Unit (Misaki Kuno) by Torako

Triangular Silhouette (Yuka Iguchi) by U35

Iconic Human Tech (Yuki Takao) by Chamo-i

TSS-P (Ai Kayano) by Ame Karasuba

GOA Body (Akari Kitō) by Okama

E-Four (Nichika Omori) by Fly

Double Wishbone Suspension (Aoi Yūki) by Nihoe

High Rigidity Body (Risa Taneda) by uki

The website hosts a section for "real voice song" and a game that aren't active yet. The website also boasts a card section that shows the various parts with different point values. Can badges, giant cushions, and wall scroll of the characters are also planned.

Previous mobile games have turned electronics and race cars into girls alongside DMM's popular Kantai Collection.

Source: Mantan Web via Otakomu

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