Erotic Manga Artist Threatens to Quit Unless Pirates Stop

posted on by Eric Stimson

While content creators have varying reactions to piracy, generally they're not too thrilled about it as it cuts into their profits. Gujira, an erotic manga artist (Gal toka Bitch toka Iroiro), is having a particularly hard time coping with illegal downloads of his work.

On Twitter on January 17, Gujira complained that he had received notice via mail that copies of his manga books had been illegally downloaded. At first he thought "I can't stop it, so I'll give up," but when the magnitude of the theft became clear — 25,000 copies — he grew desultory. "I completely lost my will to draw manga. I probably won't do it anymore." He thinks that while CG collections and dōjinshi are personal efforts, manga books are the result of team effort, and feels that pirating them is correspondingly worse. "Uploaders, apologize to everyone involved with this and compensate them fully, and if you're good-looking, we'll make you our ass slaves."

In further tweets, Gujira worried about being dropped from the adult magazine Comic X-Eros, and mentioned that he had sent cease-and-desist requests, leaving him with nothing to do but "pray that they quietly take [the pirated books] down."

Piracy is an ongoing problem in the entertainment industry, including manga and anime. A high-profile case involving One Piece manga led to three pirates getting arrested in Kyoto Prefecture in 2015. The Manga Anime Guardians project uses famous anime characters to support the fight against piracy.

[Via Yaraon! and Hachima Kikō; Image from Wani Magazine (NSFW)]

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