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Yandere Simulator Proves Too Brutal for Twitch

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Yandere Simulator is unforgiving in its sandbox-style setting where players can murder other classmates all in the name of love. How a player goes about pulling off the crime ranges from killing someone and disposing of the evidence, faking a suicide, or kidnap and torture.

This proved to be a bit much for the streaming service Twitch. Yandere Simulator's developer "YandereDev" announced that the game is blacklisted, and streaming it could get users' accounts suspended. In an e-mail shared with Polygon, the creator stated he was not sure which aspect of the game triggered the ire of Twitch. He goes on to list other games that are allowed and contain nudity, torture, bullying, and graphic violence.

Updates to the ongoing game project are hosted on the game's development blog. YandereDev estimates that the full game won't be ready until at least 2019 and is currently 5% done. The project has 850 supporters on Patreon with a potential income of $4,359 a month.

[Via Polygon]

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