New Idol Group 'Lilygirl' Appeals to Yuri Fans

posted on by Eric Stimson
Mika Ichinose & Haruhi Nakajima star as high school drama students

A new project, Lilygirl, will showcase idol groups that express yuri (schoolgirl homosexual) relationships. A short film was made that features Mika Ichinose (also of the idol unit Kamiyado) and Haruhi Nakajima (also of the idol unit Junes Princess). They play sophomore students at a girls' high school who are both in the drama club; hence, the second scene shows them practicing their enunciation, while the final scene has Mika putting on an especially convincing performance as she tells Haruhi that no one really understands her.

Rinne Yoshida, Arisa Kunugi, Kokoro Shinozaki and Mai Kotone will star in future episodes. Lilygirl is produced by Kazuki Matsuda, who is no stranger to flower-themed idol projects (yuri means "lily"): he previously created Hana Girl, a project pairing models with flowers. He has also produced the idol unit Riririnne, which consists of Ririka Kodama and Rinne Yoshida and also has a yuri theme. The project also involves the work of illustrator Rei Katō and composer "talk about."

Arisa and Rinne

Kokoro and Mai in a symbolic pose

An interpretation of Haruhi and Mika by Rei Katō

Future aspects of the project will include a photo collection and potentially a full-length film. Lilygirl is currently seeking applications (idols, models, and actresses only); if you're interested, write to [email protected]

[Via Kai-You and Instagram]

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