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'Bath Time Boyfriend' Products are Ready to Pamper You

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Anime News Network's merchandise coverage sponsored by Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Anime production company TMS Entertainment are introducing bishōnen bath kits that are ready to hop in the tub with you. The Nyūyoku Kareshi (Bath Time Boyfriend) bath products come in eight different characters, although only four are currently available. Each has an assigned scent and personality so you can pick who best suits you.

Shota Sugimizu (the aroma of cedar wood)
Shota is 20 years old, born on April 2 (Aries), has blood type A, is a university student, and is 173 centimeters (5'8" inches) tall.

Riku Kikawa (lemongrass)
Riku is 18 years old, born on July 26 (Leo), a high school student with blood type O, and is 178 centimeters (5'10") tall.

Yukari Yagi (eucalyptus)
Yukari is a 21 year-old university student born on July 8 (Cancer) with blood type AB and is 175 centimeters (5'9") tall.

Kōga Konomi (rosemary)
Kōga is a 25 year-old pastry chef born on April 23 (Taurus) with blood type A and is 189 centimeters (6'2") tall.

The other characters include:
Yamato Ayanokōji (Rosewood)
Yamato is a 27 year-old IT company president born on November 23 (Sagittarius) with blood type B and is 180 centimeters (5'11") tall.

Reiji Shino (Blueberry)
Reiji is a 32 year-old bartender born June 6 (Gemini) with blood type AB and is 174 centimeters (5'8") tall.

Eijirō Tsurumi (Strawberry)
Eijirō is a 23 year-old nursery school teacher born December 29 (Capricorn) with blood type O and is 183 centimeters (6'0") tall.

Simon Kufasnewski (Grapefruit)
Simon is a 17 year-old foreign exchange student born January 29 (Aquarius) with blood type O and is 168 centimeters (5'6") tall.

Each Bath Time Boyfriend pack comes with bath salts, a body sponge, a hair tie, and toe separators for 1,500 yen (US$13). The characters are also sold in individual bath salt packs, lip balm, and aromatherapy soap.

Bishōnen bath salts took a cue from Kantai Collection as the "Kaiji no Yu" (lit. Maritime Self-Defense Force Hot Baths) in 2014. Japan has also invented pigeon boyfriends, chewing gum boyfriends, and deli meat boyfriends.

[Via Kay at Rocket News 24; Images via Nyūyoku Kareshi Official Site]

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