Nagoya Suburb Promotes Itself with Anime Short

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Anime follows five high school girls in relay club

Kariya, a suburb of Nagoya, will use an anime short produced by ZEXCS to promote itself to tourists. The anime, Hikari ~Kariya wo Tsunagu Monogatari~ ("Hikari ~A Story Connected with Kariya~"), tells the story of a high school ekiden (long-distance road relay running) club and its efforts to prepare for the ward tournament. Since the story takes place in Kariya, viewers will get an idea of the city through the backgrounds.

The anime's cast includes:

The director is Tomomi Kamiya, the screenplay is written by Yūichirō Kido and the characters are designed by Mami Sodeyama.

The anime will be screened at the train station's south exit on March 25 as part of the Minakuru Plaza Renewal Event. It will premiere on YouTube and the Kariya city website on March 28 and appear at later events by the Kariya Tourism Association and on signage at the train station.

Kariya is fond of anime and has held an anime convention, Kariya Anime collection, since 2013. It attracted 15,000 guests in 2015.

The cast poses with the script.

[Via Anime! Anime! and Netlab]

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