Love Live! 'Final' Concert Ticket Auctioned for 430,010 yen

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The girls of the Love Live! School idol project idol unit μ's have had a good run. Their singles have regularly ranked in the Oricon charts and overall they were the the eighth best-selling musical act in Japan of 2015. News broke that the March 31-April 1 concerts will be the group's final performances before the group breaks up, and while the members denied the "break up," Emi Nitta acknowledged that those March 31-April 1 concerts will be the final concerts with just μ's as a whole and by themselves.

It seems more like the group took issue with the negative phrasing "break up" and not the meaning: there won't be anymore μ's concerts and the torch will likely be passed to the next generation group, AQUORS.

μ's fans know the clock is ticking if they want to see their favorite musical act in concert and scalpers know a great opportunity to make otaku cash when they see one.

Yahoo! Auctions user "Royal_com_sp" put two tickets up for bid for the April 1 concert on Friday. The auction started at 9,800 yen (US$87) but quickly exploded to 430,010 yen (US$3,822) before the auction closed on Sunday. The tickets are for Arena S2-4 block in the Tokyo Dome. Interestingly, the Tokyo Dome's arena seating for the concert appears to be broken in blocks from A-F, but "Arena S" seats are possibly shorthand for floor seating close to the stage.

Other auctions for tickets are ongoing, some reaching 131,000 yen (US$1,164) for first floor seats.

[Via Yara-on!]

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