5,000 Love Live! Fans Line-Up for Final Concert a Day Early—For Merch

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Love Live! School idol project idol unit μ's "final" concert issn't until March 31, but thousands of fans gathered outside the Tokyo Dome on March 29. The venue would start selling exclusive merchandise on March 30 and fans wanted to ensure they got their hands on it.

The crowd grew throughout the day until the line was easily viewable from the nearby Tokyo Dome Hotel.

Items included concert logo T-shirts, towels, wristbands, pompoms, mini-unit gloves, ear muffs, phone straps, cat-ear hoodies, a white zip-up jacket, backpacks, keychains, hats, posters, wall scrolls, gatcha, water bottles, and sticker sets.

THE BURGERS TOKYO food venue at Tokyo Dome had tie-in drink sleeves and cookies that came with a shopping bag.

Fans have emptied their wallets to attend the concert. Tickets for sale on Yahoo! Auctions sold for as much as 430,010 yen (US$3,822).

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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