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Anime/Manga/Game Industry Celebrates April Fool's Day 2016 Part II

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

It's that time of the year again: the cherry blossoms fall, and the April Fool's pranks fly. Japan's anime, manga and video game industries are fun-loving enough to participate in this tradition every year. Here are more of 2016's best anime-related April Fool's pranks.

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue

The anime is now NEKOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Cat.

Bungo Stray Dogs

The supernatural anime starring reimagined real-world authors is changed to a high school setting.


The CAPCOM Sound Team demonstrates how sound effects are made in its Foley Stage.

Ensemble Girls!

Natsumi from the trading card mobile game is much, much taller than usual in the upcoming film adaptation.

Garo: Divine Flame

The upcoming film has new, much more sophisticated main art.


A tongue-in-cheek newspaper mock-up solicits a "severe warning" from the Japanese Coast Guard. The paper reports that the 15-year-old anime protagonist was caught riding without a life vest.

Hatsune Miku

The Vocaloid idol is planning her next tour: in space. She'll tour all the planets in the solar system in 2039. Crypton Media also announced a Vocaloid version of Hiroyuki Itō, Hatsune Miku's "father." The website goes so far as discussing the tour's merchandise which include light sabers pen lights, oxygen tanks, Miku helmets, and space suits. Visitors can listen to the galaxy tour's theme song on the official website.

Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto x Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū

Sakamoto pokes fun at Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū in new key visuals on both websites.

The [email protected] Cinderella Girls

The mobile card game was turned into an adventure game.

Joker Game

Visitors can put in the password "D" to see an 8-bit version of the anime.



The visual novel developer announces Mahō no Daisan Wakusei Creamy Kagarin, the story of "the most unmotivated magical girl of all time." Their website also includes fake links to Masato Ikari no Death Muscle ("Masato: Death Muscle of Fury") and Chibimoth no Tokimeki Kakurenbo ("Chibimoth's Heart-Pounding Hide-and-Seek").
Key also announced an anime adaptation of planetarian.

KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm

The male idols are made over into princesses.


The gaming company announced its Cooking Fighter game. The game was the subject of last year's April Fool's joke.


The otome game OZMAFIA!! becomes Ozmafi-ya. This version is a "fairy tale x mafia x Kansai x otome adventure."


The otome game company announced "Rejestic Brothers." The video shows characters from the game's other properties, like Dance with Devils and Diabolik Lovers. The story stars a girl who wakes up in an unknown world filled with Rejet characters, but one is her brother.

Sgt. Frog

The official website is offering a "Planet Keron Drink."

Super Sonico

The Nitro+ mascot turns 10...months old. The website updated with images of Sonico breastfeeding, a new wallpaper, and with a birth certificate. Dengeki Online posted an article calling Sonico the "youngest gravure model" and that both a fanbook and figure are in the works.

Sword Art Online: Code Register

The mobile game is revamped as a romance adventure game.

Tenchi Muyo!

The official website is announcing a live-action Pretty Sammy film.


The upcoming sci-fi live-action film takes some inspiration from DC Comic's Batman vs Superman.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

For today only, the game is playable with Granblue Fantasy.

Wolf Girl & Black Prince

Erika is now the "Black Princess" while Kyōya is the "Wolf Boy."

[Images from Comic Natalie (2, 3), moca, Joker Game official website, King of Prism official website, Keroro.com, Super Sonico official website, Tenchi Muyo! official website and Hachima KikōS]

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