Corporate Twitter Accounts Get Their Own 4-Panel Manga

posted on by Eric Stimson
Sharp and Tanita personified as handsome young men

If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in corporate social media departments, Sharp, a major electronics manufacturer, and Tanita, a firm specializing in digital scales, have an entertaining answer. These companies attracted a following through their Twitter accounts, which led to a four-panel manga in the magazine Kurofune Zero about the young men in charge of these accounts, Sharp-san and Tanita-kun. It imagines their bickering but overall friendly relationship (Sharp is the senpai, as indicated by the -san) and the easygoing conversations behind their tweets, and portrays them in correspondence with the office supply company King Jim and trading jokes with Sega.

On March 29, the manga, Sharp-san to [email protected], was published in book form. It is illustrated by Ai Nimoda and sells for 648 yen ($5.76). It includes bonus features: interviews with Sharp-san and Tanita-kun, an extra manga ("Paying Tanita-kun Back"), and 18 popular illustrations originally posted on Twitter. A future series of LINE stamps featuring the good-natured social media experts is also under development due to popular demand.

"All of Tanita cried."/"I'm the one who's most surprised that we're getting published."


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