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English Textbook Character Inspires Battle-Ready Meme

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The English-teaching textbook New Horizon released its newest edition and added a new character, Ellen Baker. Ellen is a cute, blonde assistant language teacher that appears through out the pages to help teach concepts. Her design has attracted attention on Twitter, not only for being cute but also because one particular image is ripe for meme images. In the original, Ellen-sensei is discussing her love for baseball, specifically the Boston Red Sox, but the pose proved easy to ignore.

Twitter users edited the image to include weapons from Chaos;Head and Fate/Stay Night and add her to scenes from the Higanjima horror manga, Yu-Gi-Oh!, School-Live!, Attack on Titan, Star Wars, Splatoon, MineCraft, Dark Souls, Girls und Panzer, and more.

A fictional rivalry between Ellen and Ms. Green, another character from the New Horizon series, also took off.

[Via Kodak Kawaguchi at Kai-You]

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