Shaft's Madogatari Exhibit Heads to Nagoya with New Heroine Poll

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Also: lottery for Shaft character art

Studio Shaft's Madogatari exhibit, which celebrates their 40th anniversary and focuses on its two most popular works — Puella Magi Madoka Magica and the Monogatari series — saw immense fan turnout in Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo. Now it's touring in Nagoya as well, but with some new features.

Exhibit patrons will be able to participate in a popularity poll for their favorite Shaft heroines. Upon entering the exhibit, they will be given a ballot with the various Shaft characters that have appeared on the exhibit's different posters. The results of this poll will be announced everyday after the exhibit closes. The final champion will be named the "Madogatari Heroine" and will be honored with an official illustration. Patrons also get a chance to enter a lottery for a drawing of a Shaft character. Three prizes will be awarded per day.

The new Nagoya poster features Madoka Magica's Homura with Bakemonogatari's Shinobu, and also throws in Mahoromatic - Automatic Maiden's Mahoro, Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl's Erio, Arcade Gamer Fubuki's Fubuki, [email protected]'s Sasami, REC's Aka, and Katteni Kaizō's Kaizō.

The exhibit includes the Madoka Magica concept movie, an exhibit on Gekidan Inu Curry (the animation troupe behind Madoka Magica's witch realm), an art exhibit based on a short story by Nisio Isin (the writer of the Monogatari series), an exclusive Madoka Magica × Monogatari crossover "mind your manners" video, a display of drawings and production materials from throughout Shaft's history, and exclusive merchandise.

Madogatari will run in the Nagoya Trade & Industry Center from May 4 - 8. Tickets cost 1,800 yen or 3,500 yen for an extra ticket which can be redeemed for goodies. They can be purchased via Lawson Tickets. The exhibit's blending of Madoka Magica with Monogatari has inspired some unique crossover merchandise.

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