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Sadako & Kayako Show Theater Patrons What Not to Do

posted on by Eric Stimson
Also: popcorn combinations, social media campaigns

The upcoming film Sadako vs. Kayako pits Japan's two most iconic spooks, Sadako (Ring) and Kayako (Juon: The Grudge), along with her son Toshio, against each other. In that spirit, a series of theater videos have suggested a rivalry between the two characters and used them to explain theater etiquette.

A "manners" video reminds theater patrons not to record movies (even on VHS), not to chat or make weird sounds, to turn off their cell phones, to sit in their assigned seats, to cut their hair so they can see what's going on, and not to come out of the screen (à la Sadako). The narrator finally gets too freaked out and asks the ghosts to "go back."

This video informs viewers about Ladies' Day, a TOHO CINEMAS policy of discounts (1,100 yen/$9.90) for women on Wednesdays. The narrator asks if Sadako and Kayako count as ladies, then gets nervous at their reaction.

The narrator informs the audience that minors cannot watch movies after a designated time. This goes for those accompanying minors as well, which means Kayako can't come.

In this video, Sadako prefers salted popcorn while Kayako pushes for caramel. Toshio mediates the contest — and brings the two women together. This symbolizes the "half-and-half" popcorn available at 109 Cinemas.

This video introduces three different campaigns. One asks viewers which popcorn flavor they prefer. Another asks them which spook they'd rather befriend, and directs them to Sadako's Twitter account and Toshio and Kayako's Instagram account. The third campaign asks which character is scarier; patrons vote with their ticket stubs, and may win a present by lottery. Sadako is currently ahead with 799 votes to Kayako's 444.

Sadako vs. Kayako will be released in Japan on June 18. See here for the film's teaser trailer. If you'd like to be unsettled each time you take a drink, check out these Sadako, Kayako and Toshio cup figures.

Sources: Sadako vs. Kayako official site and Toho Cinemas

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