True Identity Behind C.V. Ore! Voice Actor Manga's Creator Revealed

posted on by Eric Stimson

C.V. Ore! ("Character Voice Me!"), a manga about voice acting, has ran in Magazine Special since January. It is drawn by Haruki Ueno (Big Hero 6), but it was planned by a voice actor who went by the pseudonym Tatsuya Yukimura. Yukimura's true identity was finally revealed on May 6, and it's none other than... Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Kirito in Sword Art Online, Shōta in The [email protected], Sōma in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma).

C.V. Ore! follows Chūta Oyamada, an aspiring voice actor who finally lands an audition with a talent agency only to realize it's for a part called "Villager A." The first volume of C.V. Ore! will be published on May 17 with Matsuoka's name on the cover. It will also include a four-panel manga by Ueno and commentary by Matsuoka on key scenes. Furthermore, the next edition of Magazine Special, to be sold on May 20, will include an interview with Matsuoka in which he relates the story behind how he got the request to draft the manga.

Anime News Network has also interviewed Matsuoka, once in 2013 and again last year. He won the Best Lead Actor Award in this year's Seiyū Awards and is apparently an accomplished cook like his character Sōma in Food Wars!.

Sources: Comic Natalie and Oricon Style

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