Cocktail Prince Mobile Game Casts Its Leads

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Geechs' Cocktail Ōji (Cocktail Prince) mobile game starring male characters inspired by alcoholic drinks announced the voice actors of its star ikemen on Tuesday. The player will control a woman who was previously living a carefree life until she inherits a bar from her grandfather and is tasked with reviving its popularity in just one year. She hires six "princes" to assist her but could find herself kicking back with one of them, too.

The "Perfect Prince Full of Integrity" Tom Collins
Voiced by: Takashi Kondo
Tom Collins is a man whose core attribute is responsibility. He's fluent in five languages and a mix between a "genius type" and an "effort type." Tom collects tea cups, enjoys horseback riding, and his day job is an idol.

The "Friendly and Innocent Dog Boy" Salty Dog
Voiced by: Junya Enoki
Salty Dog lives up to his name, enjoying head pats and having a friendly personality. He's straightforward and jumps at the chance to take on a challenge. He often laughs, cries, and eats. His eyes twinkle at the sight of tasty food. Salty enjoys naps and works as a trimmer during the day.

The "Absolute God" Martini
Voiced by: Takuya Eguchi
Extremely prideful, Martini basically treats everyone with a condescending attitude and has absolute confidence in himself. He sticks to his own sense of justice and hates liars and deception. In a sense, he's honest about his own feelings but that's not something that could be said directly to him. His hobbies are playing chess while his actual job is unknown.

The "Hot-Blooded Sports Onii-san" Tequila Sunrise
Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Always full of energy, Tequila embodies traits like effort, victory, and friendship. He speaks in a loud voice and loves to be active. Tequila is a die-hard athlete with a mind for good service. He keeps an eye out for any dangerous types. His day job is an instructor.

The "Gushing Fountain of Pheromones" Moulin Rouge
Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe
Moulin Rouge does everything sprinkle of sex appeal. He's very popular with women, even the bar's feminist patrons. It's said he can stop a girl's tears and with a single wink, the youth will return to an elderly woman's face. Moulin collects records and his day job is an idol.

The "Ultra Cool-headed Bespectacled Do-S (Very Sadistic)" Emerald Mist
Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa
Cold, calm, and logical, Emerald Mist's remarks are never sugarcoated. He's highly intelligent and likes to use his extensive vocabulary. His cutting arguments mean that Emerald has few friends. He works during the day as a cram school teacher and enjoys reading and listening to the radio.

Previously announced characters include twins Caipirinha and Caipiroska, Mistia Royal, Dirty Mother, Jack Rose, American Lemonade, Kiss in the Dark, Seventh Heaven, Whitelady, Side Car, Blue Moon, and Pink Lady.

The simulation game lets players manage and decorate a bar and participate in training mini-games with their favorite guy. The game will also kick-off planned events, goods, manga, and possibly an anime adaptation.

[Via Animate Times]

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