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Manga Artist Hisashi Eguchi Takes "Credit" for Hunter × Hunter's Hiatuses

posted on by Eric Stimson
"It's my accomplishment"

Despite achieving popularity and success, Yoshihiro Togashi's manga series Hunter × Hunter has been plagued with many hiatuses since launching in 1998. Since 2006, it has been on hiatus more than in publication, frustrating fans and bookstores.

On the May 12 episode of the Kanto regional talk show Otona no! ("For Adults!"), manga artist Hisashi Eguchi (Stop! Hibari-kun) was featured as a guest. The host, Yūsuke Santamaria, teased Eguchi about his frequent hiatuses on Hibari-kun! Eguchi claimed that "drawing weekly isn't something humans can do. It's impossible... in the end, [the publisher] told me 'We don't need you anymore.'"

When Santamaria then compared Eguchi's hiatuses to Togashi's, Eguchi blamed himself for inspiring Togashi. "I taught him it was all right to be lazy. Togashi looked at me and [kept taking hiatuses]. It's my accomplishment... I'm the one who said you don't have to draw weekly." Santamaria objected: "No! I want to read it! It ended at a really good part now!," drawing laughter from his guests.

Despite the assumption among Eguchi and some fans that Togashi is on hiatus due to laziness, the official reason is chronic lower back pain. To get a visual sense of how many hiatuses Togashi has taken and when, refer to these charts and graphs. Some bookstores have abandoned hope and sold the existing Hunter × Hunter volumes as complete sets. Volume 33 will be sold on June 3 in Japan.

Source: Livedoor News; Images from Wikipedia and Amazon.co.jp

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