Kayako & Sadako Take Their Grudge to the Baseball Field

posted on by Amanda Ellard

On June 1, teams Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and the Tokyo Yakult Swallows held a baseball showdown with a horrific twist at Sapporo Dome. Two spearheads of the horror genre, The Ring series' Sadako and The Grudge series' Kayako, took the mound for a fast-pitch game.

As the baseball match ended, Sadako fell to Kayako's victory. Commentators said that Kayako's enthusiasm was "the end of Sadako's reputation." The image shows the pitcher, Sadako, throwing at 98 kp/h straight-ball at the batter, Kayako. Kayako was able to make a devastating base hit on the pitch by batting the ball over to the left fielder. Kayako's son and fellow ghost Toshio also showed up for the match.

This display was the latest collaboration for the ghosts' upcoming movie Sadako Vs. Kayako. The crossover pits the horror protagonists of The Ring and The Grudge films against one another. The movie, which was originally teased as an April Fools joke last year, will be released on June 18 in select theaters across Japan. Kōji Shiraishi, who directed another staple J-horror series Teketeke, is directing the film.

Sadako and Kayako have been hard at work promoting their upcoming film, whether its teaming up with Hello Kitty, competing in a horse race, scaring up votes on Twitter, teaching theater etiquette, or just hanging out for a cold drink.

Source: livedoor News

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