Onna no Yūjō to Kinniku Manga Mixes Women's Friendship and Muscles

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Onna no Yūjō to Kinniku (Women's Friendship and Muscles) is an unusual ongoing manga about a group of three muscular, athletic women and their struggles with love and their body proportions. They may be strong, but they are also kind and are constantly doing their best to help other people. The manga is serialized on Saizensen's Tsui 4 website and so far four manga volumes have been published as well. It is the debut work of the author KANA and is not yet available in English.


KANA created the following commercial for the manga in collaboration with Mimasaka University, which is located near KANA's birthplace in Japan's Okayama prefecture. In the commercial, the character Iori is dressed as a nanny, Yui is dressed as a social worker, Iori is shown again as a nutritionist, and Mayu is dressed as a nurse. It finishes with a group shot, saying that they will "train hard to meet their goals."

The manga has become popular enough in Japan that it is getting official "muscle" merchandise, including a super-absorbent "muscle towel," and a "muscle" cell phone charger, shown below, both with new art created by KANA especially for the occasion.

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For those looking for a muscle-bound boyfriend, the Japanese app "Muscle Paradise" lets players grow three athletes' physiques along with their relationships.

Source: Comic Natalie

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