Fate/Extella's Limited Edition Comes with 3D Saber Bride Mousepad

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Gilgamesh's bonus costume gets pulled for changes

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Marvelous Inc.'s Fate/Extella action game for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 is throwing in some added fanservice for customers that purchase the premium limited edition "Fate/EXTELLA VELBER BOX."

The box set includes a 3D mousepad of Saber Bride. Someone must have managed to undo the lock on her bodysuit zipper.

The 19,990 yen (US$187) package comes with both the PS4 and PS Vita versions of the game, packaging with artwork by Fate/Extra character designer Aruko Wada, and a supplementary booklet with a terminology dictionary by Aruko Wada and scenario writer Kinoko Nasu. Also included is the ever-popular Saber Bride outfit, in this case as a costume for Nero Claudius, and an additional costume for Gilgamesh. A third costume, the "Junshin no Night Dress" for Nero Claudius and Artoria Pendragon, is available for customers who pre-order the title.

The Gilgamesh costume was originally announced as the "Coldhearted Bloodless Warden" costume, a black, military outfit with red and gold accents. Marvelous announced it would change the costume for "several reasons."

Fate/Extella will ship in Japan on November 10. Besides the Velber Box, it will also sell in a limited edition Regalia Box with different artwork and without the mousepad. The PS4 version will cost 9,980 yen (US$93) and the PS Vita version will cost 8,980 yen (US$84). The standard edition will retail for 7,980 yen (US$75) and 6,980 (US$65) yen.

Different stores are bundling different bonuses for customers who pre-order. Amazon is offering a "Sweet Devil" costume for Altera, GEO is offering the "Multiple Ware" costume for Nero Claudius, Tsutaya is offering the "Tail Maid Strike" costume for Tamamo, and Loppi is offering a costume for an unnamed male character.

[Via Otakomu, Sato at Siliconera]

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