Frieza Hijacks Yahoo! Japan to Celebrate New Dragon Ball Super Arc

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The villain Frieza is hijacking Yahoo! Japan's search engine. In a collaboration between the search engine and Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Super, searching for “戦闘力53万,” (Power Level of 530,000) on a smartphone from results in Frieza hijacking the search screen. This is to celebrate the Future Trunks arc of Dragon Ball Super, which will begin airing in Japan on June 12. The collaboration started on June 9 an d lasts until July 8 Users without a Japanese keyboard can try this as well by scanning the QR code found at the bottom of this press release from Yahoo! Japan.

After searching, a warning will appear, saying that loud sounds will be played. This will include recorded lines from the anime by Ryusei Nakao, the voice actor for Frieza, and Takeshi Kusao, the voice actor for Trunks. To play with sound, select, "進む." To play without sound, select, "無音にする." To quit and return to search results, select, "検索結果に戻る." Frieza will appear on top of the search results. He will greet you and ask if you would like to team up with him and help conquer the world. To join Frieza, select the first option, "仲間になる" (Nakama ni naru/Become Allies). To attack him, select the second option, "倒す!" (Taosu!/Defeat!)


If you choose to defeat Frieza, a special message from Toriyama will appear. It reads, "In this continuation of Dragon Ball Super, a strong version of Trunks comes from the future, barely escaping with his life. The future should have been peaceful, so what on earth has happened?! There's a strong enemy that even Trunks isn't a match for, Goku Black!(You can probably imagine him from the name.) A battle crossing over time and space will begin between all of the gods, including the Supreme Kais and the Gods of Destruction." Then, a logo will appear for the 30th anime anniversary of Dragon Ball, along with a message saying that the Future Trunks arc will begin airing on June 12.

Also, searching for “フリーザきせかえ” (Frieza Kisekae/Custom Frieza Screen) and “トランクスきせかえ” (Trunks Kisekai/Custom Trunks Screen) will give you search background themes of Freiza and Future Trunks respectively. Seven images of Trunks were drawn especially for the occasion.

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Source: Natalie Comics Yahoo! Japan

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