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Collect 200+ Pokémon at Japanese Resort Hotel Scavenger Hunt

posted on by Eric Stimson
Pokemon are recorded in "mysterious book"

The Phoenix Seagaia Resort in Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu is offering a unique summer vacation for Pokémon fans and their parents: a fetch quest for over 200 Pokémon at its seaside hotel.

Participants are given a "mysterious book" (actually a tablet computer in disguise) that lets them record Pokémon hidden around the resort, including some from X and Y. When certain markers are found and scanned, the Pokémon will appear as pages within the book. Pokémon are even hidden around the hotel room and will call out to the guests. You can interact with them using the book; for instance, you can play shiritori (a Japanese word game involving matching the last syllable of one word with the first syllable in another) using Pokémon names, and saying a password will make them evolve.

There's a special emphasis on finding the different Eeveelutions. You won't just be able to scan them; you'll have to crack puzzles and play minigames. Once all Eeveelutions are found, "the secrets of the mysterious book will be revealed."

The reward for catching 'em all is a commemorative booklet with your photos inside. Participants can also buy exclusive souvenirs: a clear file, ballpoint pens, and T-shirts.

There is no age limit, and the hotel recommends that parents or guardians participate too to help the kids out. Make your reservations here (rates vary by lodging package). Participants will get their very own invitation letter. Japanese language knowledge is required.

Last year the Miraikan science museum in Osaka also held a Pokemon-oriented exhibit. Osaka also has a Pokemon EXPO Gym to help Pokémaniacs mingle with Pokémon and each other.

Source: Phoenix Seagaia Resort

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