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Male Hunter × Hunter Fans Vote for Favorite Female Characters

posted on by Amanda Ellard

Buzz Plus News asked male internet users "who is your favorite female Hunter × Hunter character?"

It was a close race with multiple tied spots along the way and a lot of supporting character representation. Biscuit won first place by a jump. While she's typically a cute girl, when she get into her serious battle mode she transforms into a tougher, manlier appearance. It's possible that a lot of male fans really embraced that part of her character. Surprisingly, the receptionist on the 200th floor of the Heavens Arena came in second despite only appearing a few times.

Below are the top 10 answers based on 472 male fans' choices.

  • 1. Biscuit
  • 2. Heavens Arena 200th floor receptionist
  • 3. Machi
  • 4. Shizuku
  • 4. Gon's great-grandmother
  • 4. Mito
  • 5. Neon Nostrade
  • 6. Alluka Zoldyck
  • 6. Komugi
  • 7. "Woman B" Killed by Tserriednich
  • 8. Elena
  • 8. Melody (Senritsu)
  • 9. Seiko
  • 9. Killua's grandmother
  • 10. Reina
  • 10. Amane

Check out some of these other fun top lists where Hunter × Hunter makes the cut and let us know in the forum who your favorite female character is!

Source: Yara-On!, Buzz Plus News

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