Camera Crew Spotted for Live-Action Love Live! Sunshine!! Adult Parody Video

posted on by Eric Stimson

The picture below appeared on Twitter on June 14, showing a film crew with actors wearing costumes and wigs clearly resembling the girls of Love Live! Sunshine!!

But it was on @TMA_Tama_eigyo, the account of TMA (Total Media Agency). TMA's adult oeuvre includes works such as Hahiru Suzumiya, Clonnad, Hinichijou ("My Not Ordinary Life") and Faith/ero.

In 2014, TMA took aim at fans of Love Live! School idol project with its latest adult parody, Love Ive! School sexy idol project. Instead of trying to save their school, the plot involves the μ's having an orgy in the classroom and "being trapped" by boys in the library. The tagline roughly translates to "We want to send you sexy thoughts!" Presumably Love Ive! Sunshine!! will feature similar fare. The actors revealed on Twitter that they were filming a promotional video. Meanwhile, the actual Love Live! Sunshine!! anime hasn't even been released yet (it premieres on July 2).

From Love Ive!

Love Ive! Sunshine!! actresses Maria Wakatsuki and Natsume Airi

Mr. Osomatsu also found itself parodied by a gay adult video.

Sources: Hachima Kikō, TMA Twitter and Akiba Blog (WARNING: Link NSFW)

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