Man at Arms: Reforged Tackles Voltron's Blazing Sword

posted on by Amanda Whalen

On their latest episode, the web series Man at Arms: Reforged, hosted by the stage combat weaponry shop Baltimore Knife & Sword, builds a flaming replica of Voltron's Blazing Sword.

Every other Monday, the team, which includes swordsmiths Kerry and Matt Stagmer, master armourer and engraver Ilya Alekseyev, blacksmith Sam Salvati, goldsmith Lauren Schott, and fabricator John Mitchell, chooses and creates a different weapon from a popular character. Past weapons have included Erza Scarlet's sword and armor from Fairy Tail , Asuna's Rapier from Sword Art Online, Excalibur from Fate/Stay Night, and Ryūko Matoi's scissor blade from Kill la Kill.

Man at Arms: Reforged is a sequel to Man at Arms, which was hosted by the shop Sword and Stone. Both shows are available in their entirety on the AweMe YouTube channel.

Source: YouTube, Baltimore Knife & Sword, AweMe YouTube channel

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