Stereotypical Otaku Fashion Trending Among Teen Girls in Japan

posted on by Amanda Whalen

In the last year, a surprising new fashion trend has emerged among teenage girls in Japan, “ヲタクコーデ," or "otaku coordinate." It mimics the stereotypical "un-stylish" anime nerd. The three staples of this style are checkered shirts, bandanas, and large glasses. It tends to also includes braided pigtails and loose, belted high-waisted jeans with the shirt tucked in. Frequently, the girls adopting this style seem to dress up with their friends and go out together in groups.

19-year old university sophomore Kazuki Kaki, who was interviewed while shopping at the discount clothing store GU in Shinjuku at the end of last month, said, "It's a unusual style that isn't seen very often, and I find that appealing. It's fun to be a little unfashionable."

Searching for #ヲタクコーデ on Twitter or Instagram yields all kinds of results.

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There are even YouTube tutorial videos, like the one shown below, on how to properly execute the style.

Source: Hachima Kikō, Livedoor News, Otakomu, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, YouTube

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