Dragon Ball Z's Goku and Frieza Battle in 4D CG at Universal Studios Japan

posted on by Karen Ressler
Frieza promotes attraction in video

Universal Studios Japan is debuting its Dragon Ball Z The Real 4-D attraction, a full-CG short featuring a battle between Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza, on Friday.

Goku and Frieza may have battled in the manga and anime, but this short tells an original story where Frieza is revived by the Dragon Balls. Vegeta and other characters will appear on Goku's side. The show will be in 4D, so guests will be able to feel shocks and splashes that correspond with the 360-degree 3D CG animation.

To promote the attraction, Frieza starred in a news video, where he points out that his power level of 5.3 billion is far more impressive than Universal Studios Japan's 15th anniversary or the Dragon Ball series' 30th anniversary.

The attraction will offer exclusive goods—such as a drink bottle shaped like Frieza's first form, dragon radar watch, charm set, and towel—as well as exclusive food—such as kuzumochi that looks like Dragon Balls, kakuni manju with Goku's symbol, and chocolate senzu beans.

The Dragon Ball Z attraction is one of three in Universal Studio Japan's "Universal Jump Summer." The others include a One Piece live stage show and a Death Note real escape game.

Sources: Universal Studios Japan, My Navi News

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