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Kumamiko Manga Creator Apologizes for Anime's Ending

posted on by Eric Stimson
"If there are people who feel uncomfortable... it's my responsibility"

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the ending of Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear.

The ending of the anime series Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear was largely received negatively by viewers, and the manga's creator, Masume Yoshimoto, appeared to concur when he posted a comment about it on his Tumblr blog.

Yoshimoto has since deleted this post and written this one instead, apologizing for his comment and praising the anime staff:

I apologize for my previous remarks, which needlessly made the situation a bigger deal.
Also, regarding the final episode's script, I participated in the composition meeting, and when we asked what to do for the final episode, I proposed something like, "How about going to Sendai? Then Machi gets into an accident, Natsu hurries by car to save her, they get back together at the climax of the story, and it ends." If there are people who feel uncomfortable with corresponding sections, it's my responsibility. I am sorry.

I may not have to say this, but the anime has intense action, sex appeal, cute gestures, and, of course, well-balanced sakuga that can't be expressed in the manga. It has original elements, characters and pastoral village scenery I couldn't draw. It has many wonderful highlights.
These gifts are the hard work of none other than the anime staff, and they did their best up until the end.
I want to convey my appreciation for all their work. Thank you very much.

The official Kumamiko anime website also made a post clarifying that the anime received approval from the original creator, the editors at Monthly Comic Flapper (the magazine the manga is published in), the director, writer, animation staff and production committee.

Sources: Masume Yoshimoto Tumblr and Kumamiko official website via Hachima Kikō

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